Nine primaries in Harlow below government target for reading, writing and maths

Politics / Thu 12th Dec 2013 pm31 04:50pm

OFSTED has published the reading, writing and maths tables for primary schools in Harlow.

All schools are supposed to ensure that 60 per cent of pupils gain at least “Level 4” in formal reading and maths tests, combined with an informal teacher assessment of children’s writing abilities.

This means that Spinney and Longwood on 59%, Katherines on 58%, St James on 57%, Broadfields. Abbotsweld and Kingsmoor Primary on 52%, Water Lane on 50% and Jerounds on 43%, have failed to achieve the government target.

The average score in both Essex and England is 75%.

The results may mean the schools could be forced into becoming academies. On a matter of transparency, the Kingsmoor Primary is now the Kingsmoor Academy.

Level 4 indicates that students can start to use grammatically complex sentences, good spelling and joined up handwriting in English. In maths, they should multiply and divide whole numbers by 10 or 100 and be able to use simple fractions and percentages.

The top schools were: The Henry Moore and St Albans on 90%, Milwards with 84%, Church Langley with 83%, William Martin with 81% and Holy Cross plus Fawbert and Barnard with 80%.

Level 5 indicates how many students are above average. The winners in that category were: Church Langley with 33%, Holy Cross with 28%, Milwards with 26% St Luke’s with 25%, Fawbert and Barnard with 23% and Henry Moore with 22%.

At the bottom of this table sit St James, Broadfields and Kingsmoor, Longwood wiht 3%, Jerounds with 2%, Abbotsweld with 0%.

The average score in Essex and England is 21%.

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1 Comment for Nine primaries in Harlow below government target for reading, writing and maths:

2013-12-13 17:54:37

What a miserable article! In pointing out these so-called failings you have neglected to mention anything these schools are doing well at. Why not put a link to the OFSTED data (http://www.education.gov.uk/cgi-bin/schools/performance/group.pl?qtype=LA&no=881&superview=pri) so that people can get a more accurate impression? Yes you are correct that Abbotsweld (having had a rather traumatic year as a school) had no pupils achieving a level 5, but you failed to point out that at least 80% of their pupils in each subject area made expected progress (as a minimum). Without discussing contextual value added data, the percentage of children achieving level 5 is meaningless (the value added score was marginally higher than that of The Henry Moore School). The description of what the children have to do to achieve these levels is laughable- if only that was all there was to it! Not forgetting the SPaG test which a number of adults seem to struggle with! Then we move onto the "winners"...is there a prize? Or did I miss something here?

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