Harlow 20/20 set to be dissolved

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2020THEY OFTEN SAY that journalism is the art of telling people who never knew that Lord Abernethy was alive, that Lord Abernethy is dead.

And do it is with the Harlow 20/20 partnership. Google it and you could be forgiven for thinking it is the racecard at Harlow Greyhounds but in fact it is a strategic partnership group, designed to discuss and chart and facilitate the development and regeneration of Harlow in the 21st century.

But at a cabinet meeting of the ruling Harlow Labour group last week, council leader, Mark Wilkinson announced that they were going to recommend that the group was being dissolved and set to be replaced by a Health and Well-Being Board.

They also announced that the Safer Harlow Partnership was also going.

The ruling Labour group informed the chamber that the former chair of the 20/20 group, Jackie Sully was happy to have her name put forward to chair the new group.

This met with a sceptical response from the leader of the Harlow Conservative group, cllr Andrew Johnson.

Cllr Johnson said: “I think that we need to check that we are not replacing one committee with another but not asking ourselves why?

“And we should not immediately place the same chair as head of the new committee.”

As YH is quite new, we clicked onto the 20/20 website to find out what it had done for the town. We clicked onto main achievements and it sent us to a report from 2008.

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2014-01-08 17:06:53

It became a large talking shop - and I remain to be convinced that this new group will be anything different!

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