Review: One night of wonder for Nine Day Decline

Lifestyle / Wed 18th Dec 2013 at 10:51am

Nine Day Decline – Friday 13th December at The Square
By Holly Rejis

THREE piece postpunk members of Nine Day Decline jumped onto the stage with a burst of energy. The stage was dark; you could just about make out their faces, then suddenly the bright spot light shone on lead singer Baz as he belted out the lyrics to his first song.

As soon as the chorus kicks in, the bright lights shine on all three members, showing off their musical talent. The sound was really clear to hear, and there didn’t seem to be any mishaps. Looking around the room, there was about forty five people in the room, really taking in every word that Baz was singing. This was really good for a Friday night at The Square.

After every song that was performed, loud lingering cheers buzzed around the room, making the band smile. The audience were bopping their heads and tapping their feet with every song that was sung. Most people seemed to be stuck at the back of the room which left a massive space at the front which was a shame, but this meant more room for the two photographers who were snapping pictures of the night.

You could tell that Nine Day Decline were enjoying what they were playing. They all looked so happy with the music that was coming out of them and the applause by the crowd. They played for around half an hour, but by the time they had finished, everyone seemed to want more.

Nine Day Decline played a really good set, everyone should go and see them next time they perform as you will be in for a right treat!


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