Kier group warn over bogus callers

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KIER Harlow has strengthened its commitment to resident safety by issuing a reminder to check the ID cards of doorstep visitors. Exercising caution is always recommended, but when the days are shorter and nights darker, the threat is more apparent. Residents are warned bogus callers could use a range of excuses to enter their home, such as needing to make an urgent phone call or asking for a drink of water, but they should not, under any circumstances, be let in without ID.

Kier Harlow operations director, John Phillips, said:

“The nature of our work requires us to knock on residents’ doors and enter their homes, so it’s vital that they feel safe to welcome our operatives in. “Most people who knock on someone’s door are genuine callers. However, you cannot always be sure, so it is important to take some precautions before opening the door. Every member of Kier Harlow staff has to carry their ID card at all times, and we have reminded them that they must always show it to residents. Should the resident wish to check that the caller is who they say they are, they can call Kier Harlow on 01279 446900. “A simple check of the ID card will always help put the resident’s mind at rest and will enable us to carry out our work quickly and professionally.”

Kier Harlow’s top tips to safeguard against unwanted callers include:

• Lock your front and back doors, even when you are at home

• Stop to think if you are expecting anyone. Check the back door is locked and take the key out

• Chain the door before you open it. Keep it on while you are talking to the person on the doorstep

• Check ID cards and take the time to look at these properly. Call the company they say they are from – do not use the one on the ID card as it might be a fake.

Kier Harlow also uses a password system as an added security measure. Residents are given a password when booking repairs and the operative who arrives to carry out the work should be able to recite it.

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