Harlow artist to showcase African experience

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HARLOW artist, Graham Boyd will be exhibiting his work at the Gibberd Gallery at the Civic Offices from Feb 6th to Feb 28th.

Private view : Thursday 6th February 7 – 9pm

Special Saturday opening 15th February 11am – 2pm Artist’s talk at 12pm

YH found out a little more about Graham.

boydAfter completing army service and studying illustration at the Watford School of Art Graham Boyd spent two years in the former Southern Rhodesia.There he became increasingly committed to painting,and had two paintings accepted back in London for the Daily Express Artists under 35 Exhibition as well as another in the Commonwealth Institute.

He returned to Britain in 1955 and quickly settled down to work in a dilapidated but spacious studio in Bushey,Hertfordshire: a former arts and crafts colony set up by Sir Hubert von Herkomer,RA..

Reflecting on his African experiences of often extreme natural phenomena and boundless space, his perception became increasingly abstract as he sought equivalent forms and colours rather than literal representation.In Leonardo da Vinci’s studies of turbulent waters,Paul Cezanne’s patient constructins of forms in space with small rectandular brush marks, which in turn led on to cubism and Piet Mondrian with his so called plus and minus ( pier and ocean ) series, he found the basis for much of his future development.

In 1963 he and his wife Pauline moved to Chippingfield where he built his present studio from where his work has continued to evolve.It has been an on-going exploration in which demands to satisfy his curiosity and to follow the outcomes wherever they might lead have prevailed.But always his fundamental preoccupation with colour interaction aand contrast have been central, stemming from his first abstract -divisionist series, to relief construction ( 1967-1970 ) the spray painted and sand layered works of the 70s and the large gestural charcoal drawings inspired by pre- historic sites such as Avebury.

In 1983 after a major solo exhibition at the Spacex Gallery in Exeter, he attended the second Triangle International Artists Workshop in Up- State New York, meeting Anthony Caro, Larry Poons and Clement Greenberg, as well as many other painters, Sculptors and critics from the USA UK, Canada,S. Africa and France..This led him to a full return to a more directly responsive, intuitive and improvisational form of touch-abstraction.which has characterised his work ever since.

For many years the aim was to be a focal so that through mostly monochromatic applications of colour with a palette knife the final outcome was to create an organic oneness.Recently the shapes and colours have become more varied and asymmetrical to each other often unexpected in their relationships through letting in elements of chance. Such as when masked off areas of under-painting are dramatically revealed to vye for attention alongside heavier textures, like a breath of air.

For Boyd there is a crucial relationship between the application of paint to the canvas and the vibrancy in the way it sits and relates to what is around to give off a sensation of light, Its application, regardless of risk has to be as direct and as assertive as a snapshot of the unified response of the eye,hand and brain at a given moment.

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