Latton Green Primary: Positive steps out of special measures say Ofsted

Politics / Fri 31st Jan 2014 at 07:30am

OFSTED have returned to Latton Green Primary and delivered a positive, upbeat progress report.

The report states:

1. Many changes in leadership and governance have occurred since the inspection in October. This limited the pace of improvement in the autumn term. The current leadership arrangements are producing more rapid change and you are working effectively alongside the executive headteacher to move the school forward. For example, you have changed the way in which the school day is organised so that the teaching of English and mathematics is prioritised.

2. Some of the teaching in the school is inadequate and this must be tackled with more urgency.

3. During my visit I watched a short part of a lesson in each class. Pupils behave well in classes and are positive about their work; their behaviour is supporting the improvements that you are planning to make. Teaching assistants are present in every class and some make a very clear contribution to learning; for example, in one class the teaching assistant and class teacher were consulting closely over exactly what a group of pupils needed to focus on. This is good practice but it is not occurring in all classrooms. Some teaching assistants add little to pupils’ learning for significant parts of a lesson, and this is most apparent during the teaching of phonics. The Early Years Foundation Stage is underdeveloped, particularly outdoors. Too many children randomly choose activities that have little to do with developing their learning.

4. Your improvement plan is working well in combination with the local authority’s statement of action. The priorities and actions are the right ones, and you are setting realistic timescales. Assessment data is now regularly gathered, but is not yet precise enough to give you the maximum amount of detail that you need to tell you how well your strategies are working.

5. The local authority is providing good support for the school, and advisors are working in key areas of the school to improve standards. The local authority has taken decisive action to introduce a strategic intervention board and to appoint an executive headteacher to support you and the school’s improvement. The board is working to strengthen leadership further within the school through additional, temporary appointments which will provide you with more time to carry out the leadership role required of a head of school. The teachers that you identified for additional support are now linked to local authority advisors.

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