School appeals for “Fresh” help

Communities / Fri 21st Feb 2014 at 11:38am

A SCHOOL is appealing to its community to help create outdoor education spaces for its children.

Freshwaters Primary Academy, in School Lane, Harlow, benefits from plenty of outdoor space, but acting headteacher Marios Solomonides is determined to make better use of it.

After the successful development of the reception class play area, the new leader wants his other year groups to each have their own outdoor learning environments.

He said: “I would like to develop areas for children to take part in gardening and growing vegetables, as well as a wildlife area around our pond for them to learn in. We do have an allotment, but it has been left unattended for so long we now need someone to come in and help us to start it over again. We have the areas, but they are not fit for use.

“This is a community school and we would love our neighbours to come in and help us to develop these spaces and to maintain them throughout the year. We want their involvement; not just parents, but grandparents and anyone else living nearby who would like to get involved with the school’s projects.

“I have been to other schools which have outdoor space for every class; that’s what I want to create here. Ideally, I want lots more outdoor learning. Our early years are outdoors all the time and they thrive on those opportunities. It is so important, particularly for the boys who need to use up their energy throughout the day.

“Lots of our children live in flats so having outdoor space where they can learn and have freedom to explore safely is really important. We took our children to Epping Forest last year and they loved being with nature. We need to make better use of our space and show our children what they can learn from wildlife and nature and that food does not come from Tesco.”

Mr Solomonides hopes to be able to supply the school kitchen with food grown by the children in the future.
He is also looking to create a whole new front reception area at the school, to enable parents to speak to staff in private when necessary.

If you would like to help the school with its projects, contact Amanda Forrow on [email protected]

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