Ofsted applaud improvements at Kidz Ok nursery

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OFSTED have published an encouraging report into progress at a Little Parndon pre-school after it went into special measures recently.

The report states:

During the monitoring visit, the inspector talked with the nominated person about the steps taken to address the actions raised in the notice to improve and she observed activities and staff interaction with children. The inspector also spoke to individual members of staff and some parents, who were present during the visit. The inspector looked at the nursery’s action plan and observed children, both inside and outside, during their play. She also looked at children’s assessment records, an accident log record, staff supervision records and activity planning.

The inspector found that you have created robust procedures for checking the suitability of staff during the recruitment and induction period. Newly implemented procedures now ensure that staff suitability is effectively monitored as staff qualifications are rigorously checked and copies of these are kept in individual staff files. As a result, the daily experiences of children are improved and they gain meaningful experiences because the nominated person is able to ensure that staff have appropriate skills and knowledge, to carry out their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, the monitoring of staff has improved because the nominated person has completed online training in performance management and has implemented a system of regular staff supervision meetings. The inspector found that these meetings have been welcomed by staff and are used appropriately to support and encourage staff and identify any future training requirements.

Accident records have been improved by including the details of the location of all accidents to the written records, enabling staff to monitor and evaluate each accident. This means that children remain safe because equipment and areas of the environment, which may pose a risk, are quickly assessed and hazards are removed. The safety and well-being of each child has been further improved because the nominated person has implemented a rigorous procedure for checking the identity of every visitor to the nursery. In addition to this, mobile phones, belonging to staff and visitors, remain in the office at all times and therefore, do not pose a risk to the safety and well-being of children attending the nursery. Consequently, children are suitably safeguarded.

Staff from the local authority have been very supportive of the nominated person and the nursery, overall. You have worked well together in developing staff knowledge and understanding of planning, to ensure that children’s individual needs are catered for. New planning procedures have been implemented and all staff are monitoring and tracking the progress and development of specific groups of children. As a result, all children are effectively challenged and are progressing appropriately, according to their starting points and capabilities. Ongoing observation and assessment processes are working well to support staff as they begin to extend the children’s interests. Staff have developed their confidence in engaging with children and are now more able to challenge and extend children’s play and learning.

Opportunities for children with English as an additional language to use their first language during play have been improved. You have created a new document for all parents of children with English as an additional language, to complete. Parents are now asked to provide the nursery with a range of key words, in their child’s first language and these have been shared with staff in the nursery. Staff are practising these key words and promoting the use of these during play. As a result, staff are able to support all round language development, for all children. The inspector noted that the ongoing evaluation is helping to ensure that equality and diversity is fully incorporated and effectively monitored. Staff demonstrate a positive approach to their work and the nursery has welcomed the support offered by their local authority. You are fully aware that some of these procedures are still new and require consistent implementation in order to develop them further over time.

Having considered all the evidence, the inspector is of the opinion that the setting has taken prompt and effective action to address the points for improvement.

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