Harlow teachers look to post-Gove era

Education: Secondary / Thu 17th Jul 2014 pm31 02:39pm

YH thought this would be a good time to ask Harlow teachers’ union rep, Murray Sackwild to reflect upon the end of Michael Gove as education secretary and the beginning of Nicky Morgan’s era.

Mr Sackwild said: “Regrettably the Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) has been growing, primarily across the English speaking world, spreading neoliberal, free market ideas in relation to Education.

“This is government policy, and appears to be Tristram Hunt’s shadow policy – and it is absolutely rejected by the NUT and most educational thinkers.

“Education is not an “industry” – we deal with human beings – young human beings. We are aware that the policies won’t immediately reverse, or even stop BUT Michael Gove was a passionate GERM zealot and deeply alienated most teachers.

“His departure will be celebrated in staffrooms up and down the country – he will not be missed. Undoubtedly the most despised Education Minister of the last 30 years.

“Free Schools and Academies were, and are, wrong as all schools should have local accountability and be part of local planning – not self-standing institutions ripe for privatisation. PRP (Payment by Results) is wrong as teaching is a collaborative job not a competitive one – setting teacher against teacher for limited resources.

“The politicisation of Ofsted is wrong as it should be an independent body …. I could go on …. and list each of his mad attempted reforms – all of which have demoralised and broken many good teachers. He has allowed himself to be “spun” as a reformer – but his tinkering has done considerable damage.

As for Nicky Morgan – simple – CONSULT – speak to the NUT, and other Unions. These professional associations represent 98% of teachers. Speak to them – work together – and some good may follow.

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