Award-winning children are learning the importance of maths and reading.

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Freshwater medalsALL year groups at Freshwaters Primary Academy, in School Lane, Harlow, are being given exciting incentives to learn their vital times tables and to enjoy reading.

Olympic Maths sees children challenged to learn their times tables in return for gold, silver and bronze medals awarded during assembly.

The newly launched initiative gives children the responsibility of deciding when they apply for their medals and which level they attempt to achieve.

Allison Hazel, assistant headteacher, said: “The children have really taken this on board, with some already achieving all three medals for learning their times tables up to 12. The medals have really motivated the children as they want to be recognised for their achievements in assembly.

“The difference now is children want to learn their times tables.”
The school is also encouraging children to read for pleasure by challenging each class to grow their own read-o-meter.

Each classroom door has a read-o-meter with children competing against each other to read books in school and at home in return for bookmarks and certificates.

Mrs Hazel said: “We are giving our children the motivation to start reading for pleasure themselves. Our message is that it doesn’t matter what they read, it can be a comic or a magazine, so long as they are reading regularly out of choice.

“There are also challenges, such as the early years children taking a trip to the library with their families, which encourage reading to become a big part of their home life. It’s about making reading for everybody, from the children, to their teachers and parents.

“We are focusing on times tables and reading as if our children can crack them, they will find the rest of their learning so much easier.”

The school is also working to make book corners in its classrooms more exciting.

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