Suzy Stride on street lights” “Essex Council has betrayed the Harlow people”

Politics / Thu 19th Mar 2015 at 05:14pm

THE LABOUR candidate for the May General Election, Suzy Stride, has slammed Essex County Council for their decision to not turn on the street lights in Harlow.

Ms Stride said: “Thousands of Harlow residents signed a petition to have the lights switched back on. Night shift workers have expressed their anxiety about coming home from work in the dark.

“Independent organisation such as the AA have said that road traffic collisions are more likely.

“This is simply typical of Tories who do not listen, do not care and do not stand up for the people of Harlow.

“And I will bring Robert Halfon into this as it is an example of Tories imposing decisions on the people of Harlow.

“I will be urging the people of Harlow and Harlow Council to continue to fight to get the street lights back on.

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1 Comment for Suzy Stride on street lights” “Essex Council has betrayed the Harlow people”:

2015-03-20 15:41:23

No Suzy - it's an example of Labour getting money out of Harlow Residents before you have an agreement in place! It's a Labour failure at taxpayers expense. All parties agree this the most stupid Policy to come out of Essex CC probably in living memory - but to play politics with this, as you are trying to do, is pathetic frankly! All 3 leaders - UKIP, Labour and Tory - and the MP - wrote saying this was wrong - despite the lies you put out in the Mark Hall By Election saying only Labour had done anything - and it looks like your little whizz at taxpayers expense has now blown up in your face!

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