Waterhouse Moor Residents’ Association launches alert system

Communities / Mon 23rd Mar 2015 at 06:16pm

Alert System
The Waterhouse Moor Estate includes over 300 Houses including St Andrews Meadow, Netteswell Bury Farm, Moor Tower and at its centre is the The Harlow Study Centre, Elm Hatch Shops, Humming Bird Public House, St Andrews Church and The Netteswell Pond.

The `Alert System` has been instigated to assist the Neighbourhood in responding to any issues and to help the residents have a more secure and pleasant living environment. This is seen nowhere better than the local shops at Elm Hatch and the Church behind it where incidents of anti social behaviour have been very much on the increase. Recent thefts have included e.g. the unsavoury theft of the Jewish Memorial Brass Plaque in the Gardens behind the Study Centre.

It is hoped that by taking this initiative the whole community will benefit and that by “Pulling Together” and having pride in the area and environment, the Residents can look forward to an improved and safer area. It is also hoped that with the Proposed future re-development of the Elm Hatch/Humming Bird Public House area, that the Alert System will be seen as a very positive step in supporting this exciting regeneration.

The `Alert System` is intended to work by having “2-way radios” (Walkie Talkies) in various parts of the Estate where people can respond, quickly and working to an agreed protocol to ensure the System is used in the correct manner and to act as first responders.

The WMRA has worked closely with Maplin Electronics of Harlow, who have kindly donated `8 Walkie Talkies` to support the new system after various funding agencies rejected funding bids from the WMRA.

Mr Garala who has headed the project said “This new system is a crucial channel for keeping our communities safe, providing key information and hopefully prevention of negative issues, I would like to give big thanks to Maplin Electronics for donating the `Walkie Talkies`, to help us to make the system work.

Manager of Maplin’s Harlow Chris Wickers said “I think the WMRA Alert system is a good idea, and anything that makes areas safer and people more secure is good. At Maplin we know all about this, as we provide a lot of CCTV and communication equipment, and anything that helps to make people feel safe in their own homes is good.”

Mr Wickers also added “As local retailers in the Harlow Community we are happy to support any initiative that pays good dividend to the residents of Waterhouse Moor.”

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