Free respect courses for Harlow football clubs

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NEW Respect resources are available for clubs and leagues who’d like to ‘Set Your Stall Out’ during 2015/16 and send out clear, important messages about how they want to see grassroots football being played and watched in this country.

Last year over 1,200 clubs and 100 leagues took part in the Set Your Stall Out weekend. This season, The FA will once again be providing a range of new Respect resources to help create a positive environment in which young people can learn to play the game. Clubs are encouraged to use the resources for the first time at their fixtures on the weekend of 10th and 11th October, promoting the behaviour they’d like to see displayed for the rest of the season.

For 2015/16 the clubs and leagues can make use of Respect posters, touchline lanyards, bootlaces, sweatbands, tattoos and armbands. In addition to these resources, an existing Football Foundation Respect Equipment scheme is being promoted, which provides touchline barriers, pitch marshal bibs, Respect signage, pitchside Respect boards, Respect badges and other promotional items at a 50% discount.

These items communicate clearly that young players will develop a lifetime love of the sport and improved technical skills if their experience of the game is an enjoyable one. Young players are, by their very nature, competitive, but most play with a sense of fairness and respect for their opponents which isn’t always matched by some of the watching adults. Normally it’s the referee – and a young referee – who receives the criticism.

Respect is now in its eight season and, although the volume of cautions is roughly the same, dissent cautions for abuse or backchat to referees have declined by 23%. The consensus of many leagues and clubs is that the environment for young people to learn the game has been improved by the introduction of designated spectator areas, Respect training for coaches, codes of conduct, pitchside marshals, parents’ briefings and Respect signage.

This improvement is reflected by a decline in all misconduct charges, dismissals and assaults on referees. There are now approximately 27,000 registered referees nationwide, up from circa 23,000 in 2008. More importantly, mentoring for young referees and the coverage of fixtures has improved considerably, as has the enjoyment of games.

FA Respect Manager, Dermot Collins, commented: “What these stats mean in reality is a more positive and enjoyable environment for the game to take place in and, because of this, it’s much more likely that we keep coming back week after week – whether as players, referees, volunteers, parents or spectators. We’d love to see clubs and leagues using our resources.”

Clubs and leagues can register for these resources at www.FASetYourStallOut.com. The FA are keen to hear about experiences of ‘Respect – Set Your Stall Out’ and pictures can be E-Mailed to [email protected]. For further information on grassroots football in Essex, visit www.essexfa.com, follow @EssexCountyFA on Twitter and search for ‘EssexFootball’ on Facebook.

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