Shannon’s Blog: So into Year 13 at St Mark’s

News / Mon 7th Sep 2015 at 12:41pm

By Shannon Pinnock

EARLIER this year we visited the UCAS convention at Queen Mary’s university in London… It’s now fair to say the whole university idea is becoming rather daunting as now as I take my steps into year 13 this idea of ‘university’ becomes even more real, it’s no longer a fantasy.

As I walk into year 13 in September I feel as if I have to go in with a new attitude – even more determined than I already was. I felt as if year 12 went overwhelmingly quickly but boy was I wrong!

This year is going to fly by even quicker as I’ll be leaving not in July but May. Sometimes I just wish it could all stop or at least slow down. However I then remember that it’s only the beginning – the beginning to my whole future and I’m so excited!

This year is going to require hard work, dedication and concentration. All my efforts are going to be put to the test as I’ll be writing my personal statement which will be sent off to all my desired universities. This particular letter is going to be one of the most important things that I will ever write it’s my destiny. It’s going to be a struggle as who knows what their asking for, everyone has their opinions and their different beliefs I just have to hope that I’m what their looking for. We all do. We will all be competing with thousands of other young people hoping to make their way into our desired professions, we just have to be that one step ahead.

Not only will I be juggling personal statements I’ll have the pressure of exams. Again, something that will determine where the future will take me. I used to think of the year 12 work load as like a mosquito, something that’s buzzing around you that won’t leave you alone, constantly sucking the blood out of you. That’s what the work load did to me, it sucked all the life out of me – I was exhausted! But then I look at my results and think to myself: ‘it was worth it’, it all was. I have to now realise that it only gets harder, this is the year where it really matters. I have to work even harder and try even harder to make sure I’m not the person standing in my way of taking me to the university that I want to go to.

Many young people throughout this year will also be looking around at Uni open days, choosing where they want to spend the next three years of their life’s. It’ll be hard, moving away from home. How do you know how far to go? How do you know if it’s the right place for you? These are all questions that only we can answer. We have to look around at these places and think for ourselves, no one can do it for us because we will be the people living in these ‘dorms’ for the next three years. It all just seems so stressful, but it’s the first real step of independence moving away and finally living this incredible uni experience.

As a whole, this upcoming year is going to be a challenge we have to put all our efforts, smiles and tears into doing our best and nothing but the best. University and the whole wide world is a competition it’s a fight for the fittest. Let’s just hope we can make it with no obstacles getting in our way, only us jumping over the hurdles to make us stronger, with our families and friends being our biggest fans cheering us on through our intense journey.

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