Harlow MP Robert Halfon responds to report on Partridge Care Home

News / Tue 15th Sep 2015 at 07:13pm

A statement by Harlow MP, Robert Halfon

“SINCE 2011, Partridge Care Home has been covered by a huge black cloud. Concerns about the home were first raised to me by a Harlow resident and I raised the issue in Parliament, had meetings with the Government and the Care Quality Commission at the time.

In 2013 and 2014 the Care Quality Commission appeared to show that the care home was improving, however a few weeks ago in response to concerns expressed by another resident, who had a relative in the care home, I immediately contacted the CQC and asked them to look into this. The report published today by the CQC is shocking. It indicated neglect in many areas including staffing, medicine and equipment.

My view is that enough is enough. The relevant authorities, whether it is Essex County Council, West Essex CCG or the CQC, need to take action. I propose that the following should be done:

One: Take out the existing management and put in a new team to manage the home.

Two: There needs to be an immediate inquiry into the owners and management of Rushcliffe Care to examine whether or not they have failed their residents and their residents’ friends and relatives.

Three: There needs to be an inquiry by the CQC as to why things have gone from terrible to improving to even more terrible than they started with.

Four: The relevant authorities whether it is Essex County Council, West Essex CCG and/or the CQC, need to make an urgent decision whether or not to close the care home and ensure the residents receive proper care in other homes.

The CQC say enforcement actions should be taken within the next six months – this is far too long. The enforcement needs to begin now. I have today written to West Essex CCG and Essex County Council to deal with this situation urgently. One final thing, without doubt, I do believe that there are also good members of staff in Partridge Care home and I have met some over the years. This is not their fault. It is vital that if the care home is to close then the good staff should be found employment elsewhere.

Health Minister Alistair Burt said: “I had an urgent meeting with Robert during which he raised some serious concerns about the Partridge care home in his constituency of Harlow. While I cannot express a judgement without further information, I will ask the CEO of the Care Quality Commission to look into this matter urgently.”

I am grateful for the meeting with the Minister. I reiterate that It is of the utmost importance that the CQC look again into the state of things at Partridge Care Home.

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