Preview: Alfie hopes to cop a great audience at the Harlow Playhouse

Harlow Playhouse / Sun 20th Sep 2015 at 03:26pm

Alfie MooreCOMEDIAN and police officer, Alfie Moore is looking forward to bringing his arresting sense of humour to the Harlow Playhouse in October.

Alfie has just enjoyed a sell-out month at the Edinburgh Festival as his reputation continues to grow.

Speaking to YH, Alfie said: “It was a great run in Edinburgh. I really enjoyed it. You take things by stages. I have gone from a 50 seater to a 90 seater. And is to sell-out each day was great.

“My Radio 4 show has gone well as well.

“A lot of people seem to want to discuss crime but also enjoy the light hearted approach as well.

“This is a critical time for the police and the cuts are crippling the force. Yes, the police can be a cynical occupation but that doesn’t make what is going on.

“I get a lot of cops coming to my shows and as I am on sabbatical just now, advising me to not return.

But they seem to all enjoy the show and I hope the people of Harlow do as well.”

Alfie Moore appears at the Harlow Playhouse on Sat October 3rd
For more details go to www.playhouseharlow.com

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