West Essex nurse transforms lives of stoma patients in Harlow

News / Mon 21st Sep 2015 at 10:54am

Stoma NurseA NURSE providing specialised care in west Essex is transforming the lives of stoma patients through face-to-face consultations and personalised, frontline care delivered in local communities.

Commissioned by NHS West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and provided in collaboration with medical supplier Coloplast, the new service is the first of its kind in the county and marks a further step towards providing more community-based treatment across west Essex.

Coloplast nurse Tracey Hart will offer assessments, treatment and support to over 800 people in Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford both before and after stoma surgery, in their home, wherever possible.

This will ensure that people receive continuous, high quality care throughout their treatment, where they feel most comfortable, without the need to travel to their GP practice.

Hazel Angus, Senior Pharmacist at West Essex CCG, said: “Tracey’s role is part of an innovative approach to stoma care in west Essex and we’re excited to be able to offer local people the specialised care they need within a setting that’s familiar to them.

“Tracey’s role extends far beyond that of clinician; she has established a mutual trust with her patients, some of whom have had their lives changed completely simply because they now have a dedicated person to speak to. Individuals have one point of contact and feel confident managing their stomas at home with Tracey’s support.

“By working together with Coloplast, individuals receive the care they need when, and where, they need it and they know that Tracey is only a phone call away should they require help or advice.”

Tracey will carry out regular home visits, including counselling before and after surgery, telephone consultations and an annual review which was not available before the new service was introduced. She will also keep in regular contact with local GPs which means that up-to-date information is available when people visit their GP surgery.

Tracey is also responsible for prescribing stoma products and can closely monitor an individual’s condition and medication, meaning the likelihood of an emergency or crisis situation – and potential admission to hospital – is reduced.

Tracey Hart, Coloplast nurse, said: “Working with people across the different communities in west Essex has helped me understand people’s day-to-day lives which means I know how best to support them. One of my favourite parts of working with people in this way is being able to dispel common misconceptions surrounding stomas and I have the opportunity to reassure them first-hand that they can still live their lives as normal after surgery.

“This new way of working has made a genuine difference to people’s lives and the sense of relief I feel from patients makes my job and the work being carried out by Coloplast and West Essex CCG so worthwhile. I’m happy to be involved in something that is having a real impact on people’s lives and promotes positive outcomes for local people.”

A dedicated phone line is available to patients ordering stoma prescriptions and people will be able to select their preferred appliance contractor when ordering products, meaning they remain in control of their treatment.

Sarah Norton from Ongar who lives with a stoma said: “Providing one-to-one care in a person’s home means Tracy has unique knowledge of their individual set-up and lifestyle and can adapt the way she delivers care accordingly. As a patient, it’s reassuring to me that Tracey is aware of my individual circumstances and is able to help make arrangements should an emergency unexpectedly arise.

“The work that Tracey does is invaluable and she appreciates, and accommodates for, the distinct needs of different people – a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to stomas!”
A clinic is currently operating within The Limes Medical Centre, Epping, where patients can have their stomas reviewed and there are plans to roll out the full service, including telephone support, to the rest of Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford before the end of the year.

The new service will initially run for three years and is the first time partnership working between a CCG and industry has taken place in west Essex to provide frontline patient care.

Patients in west Essex who have had, or are due to have, stoma surgery will be contacted by their GP practice with more information about the new service, with the option to opt-out if they prefer.

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2 Comments for West Essex nurse transforms lives of stoma patients in Harlow:

Shelley Collis
2022-04-29 05:23:23

Good morning Tracy. Have bit of a dilemma as follows. My mother in law, aged 86 recently had relocation of stoma, due to hernia . After 4 weeks as a patient, she was released, being readmitted same day, due to leakage. She is at her wits end, extremely worried as still leaking, even with nurses fitting, worried about returning home, housebound due to nature of condition. Have read about convex device? Any advice would be much appreciated. Kind regards.

B. Baker
2022-05-26 08:08:10

What has happened to Tracey? She has been visiting my dad regular for 8 years. He’s struggling to get a visit. Can anyone help with my query.

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