Harlow Rock School is on the move!

News / Fri 25th Sep 2015 at 01:50pm

By Julia Salisbury

THE youth music project has grown in popularity since it begun and has seen an increasing number of talented young people come through the doors.

The school, set up to ‘support, motivate and empower young local people’ is looking for larger premises to enable them to accommodate the ever growing number of keen students.

Looking to stay based in Harlow, the company already have the necessary funds to support the move.
Being in a shared building has caused some difficulties for the school, including noise issues and storage space, so having their own premises would be ideal.

The group are looking for an easily accessible building, with lots of space and aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty when it comes to DIY!

Once the move has been completed, exciting new options will be available for the young performers.

Sue Wood, trustee of Harlow Rock School said that the new premises will “open up lots of new avenues of music related projects and work placements for young people.”

Ms Wood went on to say: “There is an endless list of music based activities that we hope to run once in our own building.”

So watch this space for a whole new load of singers, drum players and air guitarists.

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