Were you there the day David Bowie played the Harlow Playhouse?

BowieTODAY marks David Bowie’s 69th birthday. It also marks the release of his latest album Backstar.

But who can remember back to April 20th 1972, when the Thin White Duke played the Harlow Playhouse?

Bowie had released Hunky Dory in December 1971 but for many he was seen as a bit of one hit wonder, with Space Oddity a number five hit from 1969.

The single, Starman had been released but even that, in February, wasn’t creating a lot of interest.

A few months later, Ziggy Stardust was released, there was a performance of Starman on Top of the Pops and the rest, as they say, is, history…

So, were you there at the Playhouse?

Let us know..

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2 Responses to "Were you there the day David Bowie played the Harlow Playhouse?"

  1. JB   January 11, 2016 at 11:13 am

    I was there but it was 20 April not February! It was an amazing concert and it seems so poignant remembering it today.

    RIP David Bowie!

  2. devine   January 11, 2016 at 11:14 am

    Yes I was……I was only 11!! I loved Space Oddity and wanted to go and a Friend James came up with two tickets from an older brother who didn’t want to go…….
    Obviously, I was well ahead of the music curve as an 11 year old …but what an introduction to live music!! We were on the balcony at the back…the spiders and Bowie ran up the aisles right to the back of the auditorium…..I was transfixed..TOTP’s it wasn’t……at the end they threw out small posters from the balcony……black and white album sized prints …..I have it somewhere…….

    Bowie was my first gig and also he was also the best gig I ever experienced………..30 years later at the Royal Festival Hall, as part of Meltdown Festival, the first half of his set was “Low” performed complete track by track….blew my mind again!! Low has always been a sneaky favourite of mine an perhaps one of his most underestimated albums…

    When this was originally posted on Friday, it was to celebrate a great artist releasing another cracking album on his 69th Birthday……totally shocked and stunned at his death…….I knew he had health problems and chose to live in Switzerland, but no idea he was so ill………..he was one of the absolute greats…up there with Elvis and Lennon ……RIP Mr. Jones xxx

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