Petition launched to “protect Town Park”

A PETITION has been launched to “protect Harlow Town Park”

It reads as follows.

Town Park

PROTECT OUR TOWN PARK; We, the undersigned, want to protect Harlow Town Park and want all planning applications on green land stopped in there tracks. We want a park wide preservation order to stop all planning that removes any trees, threatens any species of animal or any planning to turn a green space into a building! The park is under constant threat, right now a developer is planning on turning a garden that has badger sets in it into 2 detached houses with detached garages. We want TPO’s across the properties in the park area and in the park as a whole. This petition is not just about looking after our park it is about greed. We need you to share this and to please sign it to help protect Harlows beautiful 164 acres of parkland, before we reach the stage where we are all saying ‘Remember our Town Park’

Here is the latest application ( HW/PL/16/00050 ) its planning to cut down 14 trees and build on green land near the duck pond almost on top of a badger set, this developer has money and has employed skilled companies to ensure his application goes through. We need your help to stop this and stop it NOW, before a precedent is made

This petition is brought to you from a Facebook group called “Protect Harlow’s green spaces and trees”.. join our campain for a better Harlow

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