Ofsted full of praise for The Downs Primary School

DownsGOVERNMENT watchdog Ofsted has praised The Downs Primary School following a recent Ofsted inspection.

Among the observations, Ofsted said:

The school has improved quickly because the headteacher provides very strong and effective leadership and management. She is supported well by an able team of senior leaders and the governing body.

Since the previous inspection, leaders have worked together successfully to improve the quality of teaching and to ensure that outcomes for pupils are good.

Pupils’ attainment is rising across the school. They make good progress most of the time.

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is now good. Teachers plan interesting work that motivates pupils to try hard and to do their best.

Early years provision is good. Attainment at the end of the Reception Year has risen sharply in the last two years. Remaining inconsistencies are being tackled rigorously by the strong leader.

Pupils thrive both socially and academically because they are well looked after and kept safe in a caring environment that puts their needs first.

The school meets the needs of disadvantaged pupils very successfully, ensuring that they attain at least as well as others by the end of Year 6.

Pupils are proud of the school and their work. They behave well and thoroughly enjoy school.

Work in and out of lessons as well as numerous visits and clubs provide pupils with many exciting experiences. These help pupils to learn the importance of tolerance and respect for others.

Parents are almost unanimously happy with the work of the school, especially the improvements they have seen over the last two years.

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