Roaring success of the The Great Gatsby

“THE STAGE” described Blackeyed Theatre as one of the “most innovative companies working in English theatre”. That is a big call, so we went to see their version of F.Scott Fitzgerald with great expectations.

It takes a lot of confidence to do the show with a fairly minimal set. But that is where the innovation comes in. It is rah emolument of the actors is what appears to be a New England choreographed dance that is intricate and inventive.

This reviewer was not only following the plot but following the moment of the actors as they weaved their roles, their stories and their sub-plots seamlessly around the stage.

The story is a juxtaposition between the lavishness of lives and the poverty of the soul. From those watching on the outside to the inner turmoil of Jay Gatsby.

The singing and harmonies were spot on and performed in such a relaxed, confident manner. You wanted to hear more from them.

Despite being an ensemble, it is Adam Jewett’s Nick Carraway that is a very strong performance as well as Celeste De Veazey as Jordan Baker But we were impressed with the whole cast.

There were a number of local teachers and students in the audience and we would encourage them to come and see this play in order to enhance your learning and understand of the text.

The Great Gatsby runs until Wednesday

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