Immerse yourself with innovative “Handle with Care” production in Harlow

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By Eric White

GET ready for a unique and immersive experience as the production of Handle with Care is coming to Harlow.

Theatre company Dante or Die’s latest play sees audiences have a front row seat as they join protagonist Zoe, played by two actresses, on her journey in a storage centre through time from 1988 to now to the soundtrack of some of the periods’ popular songs.

Part of Harlow Playhouse’s “pay what you can” season, the play will take place at Harlow Lok’nStore from May 13-15, with audiences able to view Zoe’s lifetime of self-storage up close in this multidimensional fly-on-the-wall production.

Co-writer and Dante or Die co-founder Terry O’Donovan said: “With the production taking place in the storage units, people are getting to see behind a door they don’t normally get to look through and learn why Zoe keeps hold of these objects.”

“You can see, touch and smell things and we feel they are given a whole new experience being so up close to the action.”

The way the play is staged means only 20 people can view the production at a time with four performances taking place each day.

Written by Terry alongside Dante or Die members Chloe Moss and director Daphna Attias, the production lasts for 90 minutes while the actress playing Zoe changes halfway through as the story of her life progresses.

There are seven in the cast, including the younger Zoe who will be played by Amy Dolan and her older double by Racheal Spence.

Harlow’s very own Rachel Wright will play the teenage daughter of Zoe.

Terry added: “We always try and get a young girl from the area we are performing to play the role and we sure it’s going to be great.”

Terry himself plays a Lok’nStore employee in the play who remains present throughout as we watch Zoe’s life take on different priorities and meanings.

He also took time to praise Harlow Lok’nStore and Harlow Playhouse for their support with the production.

“Lok’nStore have been fully behind the project and it’s great to have people who are so interested and keen on doing something like this even with all the rearranging it takes.

“Harlow Playhouse been so helpful in this all coming together and they are excited at the opportunity to do something totally different.”

For more information on tickets visit www.playhouseharlow.com or call 01279431945.

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