Leading councillor says solution needed to Harlow Town Park litter problem

Politics / Mon 9th May 2016 pm31 03:29pm

By Eric White

SUMMER is here and although we know not how long we will be blessed with this wonderful weather it’s fantastic that Harlow Town Park – shiny and new after an amazing facelift – was teaming with visitors this weekend.

What they left behind however is not necessarily a feast for the eyes.

Mrs Bayford of Tilbury Mead contacted her local Cllr Ian Beckett to say “a wonderful day in Harlow Town Park was spoiled by litter and overflowing rubbish bins” along with photographic evidence (see below).


Cllr Beckett was quick to respond saying “This is unacceptable – I’ve had photo’s like this shared with me too often.

“If the solution isn’t out there, and I don’t think we can click our fingers and sort it out, then we need to find one – and we will”.

Cllr Beckett went on to say, in the short term, visitors should be encouraged to “take-away” recyclable waste.

Some solutions will come at a cost but a change of behaviour can not only improve but also protect the environment.

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1 Comment for Leading councillor says solution needed to Harlow Town Park litter problem:

2016-05-23 15:46:41

Litter is a massive problem in Netteswell and the Town Park. The park and estates in the ward are walk throughs for many other parts of the Town as routes away from the Town Centre. I raised this numerous times when I was a Netteswell Councillor, and pointed out that more bins and more regular emptying was needed. What are the current 3 Labour Councillors for Netteswell doing about this???

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