Blackbush Spring childminder praised by Ofsted

Education: Secondary / Tue 14th Jun 2016 am30 10:19am

A CHILDMINDER that operate from near The Stow has been prised by Ofsted.

The report on Guila Pollard stated the following

The childminder displays a clear knowledge and understanding of how children learn. She talks about how she will link activities to children’s interests to engage and stimulate them. The childminder understands how to adapt activities to enable children of different ages and abilities to participate equally.

The childminder understands how to help children to gain independence, motivation and self-confidence. The childminder talks about how she will plan activities to promote children’s learning and development. The childminder places high priority on promoting children’s personal, social and emotional development. She explains how she will help children to be well prepared for full time school.

 The childminder has a sound understanding of the safeguarding and welfare requirements. She is clear about the action she will take if she has any concerns about a child’s welfare and safety.

The childminder has a wide range of resources and equipment suitable for children of all ages.
 The childminder demonstrates a commitment to extending her training, skills and knowledge to aim to provide a high-quality service.
 The childminder describes how she aims to enable children who speak English as an additional language to make progress in speaking and understanding English.
 The childminder described the importance of working in partnership with parents, carers and other professionals involved in children’s lives.

The childminder displays a sound understanding of providing daily fresh air and exercise. She provides resources and equipment in her garden and also plans to take children to local parks and play areas.

The childminder seeks the views of other professionals, parents and children, in order to identify strengths and areas for improvement in her practice.

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