Pets Corner manager stresses importance of petting farms

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By Julia Salisbury

PET’S Corner manager talks about the importance of petting farms in urban areas

The manager of Pet’s Corner in Harlow Town Park has spoken about the importance of town petting farms in urban areas.
Getting ready for the farm’s 50th anniversary celebrations at the end of July, Justin Hopwood expressed his admiration for facilities like Pet’s Corner.

Set up in 1966, Mr Hopwood explained how Pet’s Corner has instilled a sense of community and connection in the families of Harlow who have been visiting the farm for many years.

Parents and grandparents are able to pass down and share fond memories of the petting farm, which has established historical roots with the town.
Growing in popularity ever since it’s opening five decades ago, Pet’s Corner has given residents of Harlow the chance to learn and encounter a variety of animal species.

Starting off with only a handful of farmyard animals, the farm is now home to many exotic creatures.
And having such a broad range of species for the visitors to interact with has made Pet’s Corner the community asset it is today.

Mr Hopwood said: “Pet’s Corner gives a great opportunity for residents, especially young people, to see, learn and understand an important part of our heritage.

“Most young people are unaware of where milk comes from, actually how big a cow or pig is as they only see them in books.”
The farm aims to educate schools and academies, to bridge that gap of uncertainty children may have about animals.

The volunteer scheme Pet’s Corner runs also helps those in and around Harlow to expand their work experience, as well as building their confidence and self-esteem.

Mr Hopwood, who is also a volunteer at the farm, said: “Having a facility like Pet’s Corner to encourage and offer volunteering opportunities to Harlow is so fantastic and unique.

“Over the years, we have been so well supported by our volunteers, who really are the backbone of Pet’s Corners success.”

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