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Blackadder OldIT isn’t every day that you are welcomed by a serf and a wench on the streets of Old Harlow but audience members walking towards the Victoria Hall were welcomed with some homely medieval wit.

And for the next few hours they were also treated to a warm and entertaining collection of Blackadder episodes.

It would be easy to say that the HTC have such strength in depth that it is easier to find the right people for the right roles but you still have to act the part. Blackadder had so many stands out performances that we hope actors do not feel slighted if they are left out of this review.

We have to admit that our favourite performance was by Helga Kilroy as Lady Whiteadder. It was an uncanny tribute to Miriam Margolyes’ but Helga managed too make it her own. She could also deal quite a slap. We also have to praise Alan Jones in both his role. Alan is one of those unsung actors who has very deft comic timing.

It is an ensemble piece but it is greatly helped by Clive Weatherly’s Edmund Blackadder. It is similar to Rowan Atkinson’s Edmund but again, he brings a more subtler edge to the role. It is an easy role to “barnstorm:’ but Clive lets everyone act around him. He is greatly helped by a lovely weary Baldrick. Paul Stephenson looked a picture in a dress!

From a very frightening Queen to a poor feckless Percy, this production was very entertaining and on a hot humid night crested laugh after laugh after laugh.

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