Inspirational former student returns to Stewards Academy

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Thomas Battelley, ex pupil who left Stewards in 2006, came in to describe his personal life journey to conquer a serious speech impediment. Thomas spoke with great candour about his fear of speaking when younger and how he spent many years attending specialist appointments to try to deal with his stammer, all to no avail. His confidence suffered and in his own words ‘I hid myself away from communicating.’

But one day he found out online about The Maguire Programme and Thomas was featured on a channel 4 programme two years ago actively participating in the programme. Thomas realised that he would never lose his stammer, but he could learn the strategies and techniques to manage it.

He had to completely relearn the alphabet. And standing in front of over two hundred people in assembly today Thomas was a shining example of the life mantra he has adopted ‘Fight the fear or the fear will fight you.’ He never showed a sign of his stammer.

His former teacher Deputy Headteacher Marie Erwood said ‘I was very moved as I listened to Tom speak and I felt immensely proud of the inspirational young man standing tall before me. I hope that every year 7 pupil will see him as a role model of resilience.’
Marie Erwood.

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