Latton Green teachers celebrate World Teacher Day

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Latton G 1Latton Green – World Teacher Day 5th October

According to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) World Teachers’ Day represents a significant token of the awareness, understanding and appreciation displayed for the vital contributions that teachers make to education and development.

At NET Academies Harlow they appreciate their teachers and recognise the contribution their teachers make every day to the children’s education.

Here are some of the reasons why their teachers love their jobs:

Why I love teaching.

Children learning and laughing. Children developing their independence and overcoming difficulties. Children sharing their ideas and their jokes (you’ve heard twenty times over). Children amazing and surprising you. Children smiling as they walk in a classroom knowing their safe and can trust you. This is why I teach and have taught for the last 16 years, you never wake up and think time for a new job, because no job in the world can allow you to share experiences like this. Every class is different and every day is different. A good teacher teaches well but a great teacher learns from their pupils to be even better.

Mrs T. Couper, Year 6 Teacher at Latton Green


Teacher – definition: educator, entertainer, part-time mother, advice giver, chief hugger, tear catcher, number 1 listener, knee-scrape saver, conflict solver… & the list goes on & on & on… When first stepping into the classroom, I was completely unaware of the extent to which I would be fulfilling the endless list of job descriptors above & more on a daily basis. I felt overwhelmed & petrified at the thought of being unable to provide each mini-human in my care with the individual love & attention that they needed to flourish.

However, the job no longer presents itself as a grand feat when you begin to understand what teaching gives back to you. Every day without fail I am surprised by my students. I am inspired by their ideas. I am amazed by their innate curiosity & enthusiasm to learn. I am left humbled by the happiness they radiate & effortlessly spread to those around you, even on your most exhausted days, & even by those children who come from tough homes. The emotional reward & glowing feeling that teaching gifts you is a priceless salary that no other job could ever mimic or re-create. For that very reason, I truly believe that I am blessed with the most extraordinary job.

Miss A. Kenny Year 3 Teacher at Latton Green


Teaching is a career that never ends, you are continually opening little minds, hearts and souls to unexplored worlds, as well as expanding your own. It’s their energies, their inquisitiveness, their smiles, and knowing that you can change their lives that motivates me. Every day is different, unpredictable; challenging yet rewarding. You continually learn and grow together each day, accompanied by laughter, sincerity, forgiveness, trust, belief and love. I feel fortunate and honoured to spend my days with the children of our future.

Miss L. Biagioni, Year 1 Teacher at Latton Green


Teaching is a rare profession – it is one which keeps the brain young, allowing us to continue to grow
everyday. As a teacher, we often speak about creating ‘life long learners’, yet this is only effective when we buy into it ourselves. At the beginning, I felt like a child on their first day of school – everything was new and petrifying whilst continuing to be exciting and rewarding. True growth can only be achieved when we challenge ourselves; something which I have found to be true in teaching. Similarly, I love the idea of challenging the children. Everyday, they surprise me, impress me, and constantly show me why this job is so important. As a teacher, I am able to be a part of the bigger picture; shaping their little minds so that they can become the extraordinary person they deserve to be.

Miss M. Cranney, Year 2 Teacher Latton Green


Why I love teaching

Teaching is the most rewarding job, knowing that I have made a difference to a child’s future and given them tools for life that they can then use to help them grow is really satisfying. Every day is different, the spontaneity of children keeps me on my toes; there is always an idea to develop or a misconception to adjust. Seeing a child overcoming a challenge as a result of the support I have given makes all of the hard work worthwhile. Teaching children is not only a one way channel, they give so much back through their achievements, their unique ideas, their ways of thinking and how they attempt new challenges with the encouragement they receive. Teaching is a job that even once the children have moved on to a new class they still take and keep the foundations I have put in to place and use these to build on throughout their education.

Mrs J. Mahon, Reception Teacher Latton Green Primary Academy

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