Stewards art and photography students exhibit their work

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Stewart4STEWARDS Academy was pleased to put on an exhibition of work produced by their recent Year 11 GCSE Art and Photography students. Also exhibited, was work from the recent A Level pupils from St Mark’s School, who were taught by the Art staff at Stewards Academy.

There was a diverse and exciting range of work exhibited and showed off the skills and creativity of the pupils. Many of the visitors to the exhibition were in awe of the pupils and their talents. Every pupil who took the course had two pieces of their work exhibited. The work included photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking and mixed media. The exhibition included work from three pupils who gained 100 percent in both their coursework and in their examination. These pupils were Isobel Lacey, Filip Kusnir and Bradley Leathers.

Art Prefects greeted and welcomed parents, carers and future pupils of the academy at the door of the exhibition and were available to guide people around the show. Several of the pupils whose work was exhibited, came back to celebrate their own success and that of their peers. One of the students who came back was Rebecca Lever (who studied Photography). On the night of the exhibition, she took it upon herself to help take people around the exhibition with such kindness and pride. She said “I want to tell everyone what an amazing school Stewards Academy is”. Mrs Warren would like to extend her thanks to Rebecca for being such a wonderful example of a Stewards Academy pupil.

This was a year to celebrate. In spite of the grade boundaries being raised again, it was still the Art Department’s most successful set of results, with 83.3% of pupils gaining an A*-C grade.

The Photography, Art and Design department would like pass on their congratulations to all of the students involved. They enjoyed meeting future pupils of the academy, along with their parents and carers. The department is very much looking forward to teaching the next generation of eager artists coming up to Stewards Academy!

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