Living History: Lottery comes up trumps for Harlow!

Harlow is 70: Why I Came Here / Wed 30th Nov 2016 at 06:58am

AN EXCITING heritage project that will chronicle the reasons why people moved to Harlow is set to be launched.

Why They Came is a partnership between Harlow Museum and on-line newspaper, YourHarlow.Com and will run throughout 2017, the seventieth birthday of Harlow New Town.

The project, which has been backed by the Heritage Lottery Fund, will record the many stories of the events and experiences that brought people to live in Harlow, through video, audio or written word.

Editor of YourHarlow, Michael Casey said: “Over the years, Harlow has been very good at celebrating its art and sculpture.

 Our project aims to celebrate the achievements of the people of Harlow. Whether it is the early pioneers, through to the new communities who have moved here recently.

“We know we may be only scratching the surface but we aim to lay the building bricks for a people’s history that celebrates the people of Harlow.

Jon O’Connor, speaking on behalf of Harlow Museum added:

“As part of the Museum plans to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Harlow New Town in 2017, we see this project as creating ‘living history’ – the record of today and yesterday for future generations. 

It’s a really exciting opportunity for us to use new technology for this, in partnership with YourHarlow”

If you would like to be part of the project, then please contact Jon at [email protected] or Michael Casey at [email protected]

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