Ultimate Bowie set to play historic gig at the Harlow Playhouse

Harlow Playhouse / Wed 4th Jan 2017 at 11:50am

ultimate-bowieMARKING 45 years to the day since David Bowie’s live concert at Harlow Playhouse, Ultimate Bowie celebrates the work of the late, great global super-star.

Ed Blaney takes the spotlight and leads an eight- piece band that takes you from David Bowie’s early years with hits such as Starman, through his remarkable career to songs like Let’s Dance, China Girl, and many more.


Full details of the concert on April 20th can be found at http://www.harlowplayhouse.co.uk

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1 Comment for Ultimate Bowie set to play historic gig at the Harlow Playhouse:

2017-01-10 21:51:13

Hi I was at the gig and I'm pretty sure it was the 20th of April 72. Starman was released just a few days later I believe. It was my first ever gig, my sister Gina took me and we were 4th row. There was definitely a support act, although I can't recall their name. As I had only heard Hunky Dory and Space Oddity I was expecting a bloke with long hair to basically play guitar sitting on a stool. What actually happened I will never forget, it went extremely dark and I saw five figures walk on stage, including pianist Matthew Fisher. One of which walked to the centre mic, at the same time a spot light shone on his head (hair definitely not long, or 'mousey') and he announced 'Good evening Harlow, I'm David Bowie, these are the Spiders from Mars and this is our music'. The noise was extremely loud my 14 year old ears and I have to admit I did stand at the back for a while! I later got use to loud gigs I'm pleased to say and say I saw him again at the Rainbow in August 72. Thanks sis for a truly memorable gig and thanks David for the music. Chris

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