Carers Trust Young Carers Awareness Day

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CARERS Trust Young Carers Awareness Day on Thursday 26th January brings organisations across the UK together to raise awareness of the role of Young Carers.

There are an estimated 700,000 children and young people across the UK, some as young as five-years-old, who are caring for family members. Research shows this is a conservative figure as many are hidden from view. Most care for a parent or other close family member, day in, day out, and shockingly, at least 13,000 Young Carers are providing care for over 50 hours a week on top of their studies.

The aim of Young Carers Awareness day is to raise awareness of young carers. Swift identification of young carers will ensure they get vital support.

There are 10,000 Young Carers in Essex. Some of these young people receive support from the Supporting Carers in Essex service:

Eliza, 12 years old is the main carer for her Mum who has poor physical health and her Dad who suffers from anxiety and depression. She struggles to mix with other children as they have very different lives, and suffers from severe anxiety taking on a lot of her parent’s worries. Her school is concerned that her work is suffering and it is obvious that she is not sleeping well.

Our Young Carer Support worker has been working with Eliza*, her parents, and her school to find ways to relieve her anxiety and to socialise with children of her own age. As a result Eliza is less anxious and sleeping better which has a positive effect on her schoolwork.

(*Name has been changed)

James Clarke, Chief Executive of Action for Family Carers said:

“Being a Young Carer should not mean that a child’s future hopes, dreams, and ambitions are shattered. It’s vital that we raise awareness of the thousands of Young Carers in Essex.

Working with Young Carers in schools or within the community helps establish relationships to enable support to be put in place for the Young Carer. No one should have to care alone and Young Carers Awareness Day highlights that they don’t have to.”

Supporting Carers in Essex is a group of charities, led by Action for Family Carers, working together to support unpaid carers of all ages across Essex.

If you are looking after someone, or are cared for by an unpaid Carer and are interested in finding out more about the support and services offered by Supporting Carers in Essex
Call 0300 7 70 80 90 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 4.30pm)

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