Athletics: Harlow tough it out in the mud

Athletics / Tue 31st Jan 2017 at 04:27pm

HARLOW Running Club competed in the third race of five of the East Herts and
West Essex Cross Country League over a muddy 4.5 mile course at Newport. The
ladies team finished 4th out of 6 teams, the men’s team were 5th and overall
Harlow were 4th. Sharon Wright was first lady home finishing in 8th place in a
superb 33min 23sec. She was followed by Carinne Jay 16th in 34.35, Julia
Gardiner 17th in 34.44, Catherine Ridge 22nd in 36.14 and Anna Robey 23rd in
36.29. In the men’s race Rob Lowe finished in 8th place in an excellent 27min
21sec. He was followed by Rich Hynes 28 in 29.15, Owen Haigh 37th in 30.10,
Darren Tiley 40th in 30.28 and Jason Haigh 47 in 31.14

Other Runners

28th Sandi Rust 37.22
42nd Debbie Barry 41.26
45th Wendy Schroder 42.02
46th Kerry Mavris 42.12
48th Louise Cootes 42.15
50th Michelle Hyde 42.25
53rd Karen Moir 43.06
70th Janice Page 46.05
72nd Jane Evans 46.37
80th Terasa Holden 49.07
81st Carmen Byfield 49.18
84th Laura Jephcott 50.23

52nd Andy Terrell 31.42
53rd Martyn Coulter 32.12
57th Jamie Jepohcott 32.37
66th Andy Bradley 33.42
68th Nick D’Alton 34.01
70th Jon Steadman 34.27
71st Paul Schroder 34.30
79th Will Wall 35.20
82nd Sean Flynn 35.34
88th John Bull 36.11
95th Martin McColgan 37.19
99th John Tennant 37.35
103rd Martin Westley 38.01
106th Andy Smith 38.10
109th Alan Cootes 39.15
110th Pasquale Pellecchia 39.34
122nd Robin Lozeau 43.55
124th Andrew Smith 44.01
129th Ron Newton 46.13
130th Peter Mills 47.16
131st Alec Laine 48.49

Meanwhile serial racer Andy Kinney again ran two 10K races over the weekend. On
Saturday he completed the Hyde Park 10K, finishing in 243rd place out of 379
finishers in 59min 09sec. Then on Sunday he finished the Brass Monkey 10K at
Corby in Northants, finishing in 253rd place out of 370 finishers in 58min

At the Harlow parkrun 5K Danny McCree, in his debut race for HRC, finished in
4th place out of 164 finishers in 20min 12sec. He was followed home by Craig
Segal 5th in 20.13, Barry Mooney, also in his debut, 6th in 20.20, Andy Terrell
7th in 20.57, Terry Ridge 10th in 21.53, Darren Tiley 14th in 22.03, Greg Goodey
18th in 23.02, Catherine Ridge 22nd in 23.32, Martin Westley 29th in 24.00,
Spencer Brooks 35th in 24.08, Andy Smith 37th in 24.19, Paul Dixon 40th in
24.24, Graham Saville 49th in 25.37, Holly Nairn 58th in 26.10, Debbie Barry
62nd in 26.38, Andrew Smith 69th in 27.14, Robin Lozeau 84th in 28.13, Austin
Nyamande 91st in 29.03, Alan Wellbelove 98th in 30.02, Brenda Clayton 104th in
30.54, Carmen Byfield 105th in 31.22, Pushpa Mistry 110th in 32.32 and Hossein
Erfani in 32.53.

At the Hatfield Forest parkrun 5K Owen Haigh finished in 8th place out of 230
finishers in a personal best time for the distance (PB) of 18min 45sec. He was
followed by Jason Haigh 15th in 19.50, Justin Patten 56th in 23.58, David Page
89th in 25.54, Janice Page 114th in 27.18 and Jane Evans 129th in 28.27.

At the Panshanger parkrun 5K at Hertford Rob Lowe was first finisher out of 276
finishers in 17min 57sec.

At the Hackney Marshes parkrun 5K Amaniel Tesfay finished in 8th place out of
219 finishers in 18min 45sec. Louise Cootes was 89th in a PB time of 24.43 and
Martyn Coulter was 90th in 24.44.

At the Gunpowder parkrun 5K at Waltham Abbey Jamie Luck finished in 13th place
out of 201 finishers in 22min 19sec.

At the Alexandra Palace parkrun 5K Will Wall finished in 49th place out of 187
finishers in 23min 09sec.

At the Stevenage parkrun 5K Terry Pike finished in 125th place out of 224
finishers in 29min 11sec.

A late result from the previous week, Sean Flynn finished the Fred Hughes 10
Mile race at St Albans in 289th place out of 735 finishers in 1hr 18min 44sec.

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