The 10 most dangerous places in Harlow

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WE have delved the archive and in a bare-faced desperate search for page views have found some of the most dangerous places in Harlow for not so long ago….If you did not live in Harlow between 1970 and 1979 then indulge us….

1. That Big Slide in Quarry Spring

Starting at the top near the banana flats, this mighty sliver slide was only tackled by the very brave. Slide down too quickly and you could launch yourself as far as the Saxon Inn!

Evil Kenevil performed a death defying stunt there in 1976. Think it was him or a third year from Netteswell. On his chopper bike.

2. The Sandpit in Five Acres

Who knew what lurked in the sandpit. Only the bravest or those who had borrowed stilts from the Barn Mead playscheme ventured there or ever got out. The only place in Harlow where vanites did not work.

A bit like Village of the Damned but with petal perfume.

3. The Back-gate at St Marks

It was like the Great Escape. You had to get across the field towards the Long Jump pit. Then, nip over the fence, then down a banking and jump across a raging torrent. Or was it a stream. Anyway, it was just like that Burt Reynolds film. No, not Smokey and the Bandit…the other one..All that in order to avoid double Woodwork…

4. Harlow Sportcentre Track

Did you know there was a boy who got lanced by a javelin in 1972. It is true. My mate’s brother knew someone at Latton Bush whose dad worked at Princess Alexandra when they brought the pupil in. Honest, or was it for jaundice?

5. The Orange Footman

The first rule of Orange Footman Club…..

6. That Folk Club in Thornwood

85 degree heat but you had to keep your wooly jumper on and maintain that earnest look on your face for hour upon hour upon hour. You still miss that dog.

7. The Moat at the Front of the Bandstand at the Town Park.

Were you not there when they double-booked the Bay City Rollers with Atomic Rooster. Terrible scenes. They were never the same…All those tartan scarves…

8. Top board at the Swimming Pool.

You may not believe it but it was over 200 yards high. That’s why they closed it. Danger to aircraft….Used to do double Tsukahara plus twist.. I did..or was it my width badge?

9. Passmores

St Marks. Double PE. Last Two Periods. Cross Country. Goes past Passmores. Backmarkers go past Passmores as pupils come out….Not pretty “Please, not in the face..not in the face”….

10. Biss Bros coach

Could you make it from Harlow to Hatfield Heath on a Biss Bros coach without needing the loo or avoiding sitting next to Maureen and/or Edgar who would be sick.

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5 Comments for The 10 most dangerous places in Harlow:

Leslie Valentine
2022-03-18 10:02:02

Purple Emporer frightening place

2023-09-21 16:21:33

Great day's

Alison Hunt
2023-09-21 16:39:53

Staple Tye shopping pricing when it was Orange Footman attached.

2023-09-21 19:30:46

The Pinnacles on a two stroke

Wil Overton
2023-09-22 15:12:40

Very good and very my era Harlow. It's lucky I even made it as far as the Five Acres sandpit when I had to contend with the electricity sub-station right next to the Barn Mead playground.

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