Pear Tree Mead Academy praised by Ofsted

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A HARLOW primary school has been richly praised by government watchdog Ofsted.

Pear Tree Mead Academy, just off Southern Way in Harlow, was the subject of a short inspection in May.

The report states:

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the previous inspection.

You have successfully created a caring school ethos underpinned by the school’s principle to ‘inspire, encourage, believe’. Staff and governors share your deeply held ambition that pupils should achieve well and have high aspirations for their future. Pupils are confident, polite and courteous. They spoke enthusiastically about their learning and shared their ambitions for the future. Pupils gave valid reasons for wanting careers in architecture, teaching, dancing or plumbing.

Since becoming headteacher in 2014, there are more pupils on roll. You have increased provision for the Nursery children and you now have two-year-old children in your new pre-school. Additionally, you recently opened new classrooms to accommodate increasing pupil numbers in key stages 1 and 2.

Leaders have ensured that the school has remained stable during this period of change. You have skilfully managed the growth in pupil numbers through your strategy of ‘growing your own’ teachers using apprenticeships. Pear Tree Mead Academy is an attractive place to work. Your strong commitment to staff well-being is valued. You have healthcare plans in place for them, and staff value the professional support you provide.

Adults are proud to work at Pear Tree Mead Academy. All staff who responded to the online Ofsted questionnaire consider the school to be well led and managed.

Th headteacher, Ms Christine Peden sad: We are so proud of our recent Ofsfed report. The report highlights the strengths of the school and we are pleased to have had these recognised.

“The team work hard to make the school the best possible place to educate our children and prepare them for their futures. I would like to thank them for their dedication to the children”.

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