Athletics: Harlow RC prove they can stand the heat

Athletics / Thu 6th Jul 2017 at 12:33pm

HARLOW Running Club competed in the last round of the Herts/Essex Mid Week Road Race League Division 2 last week over an undulating 10K course at Stevenage. The Ladies team finished 2nd out of 6 teams on the day with the men’s team 4th and
overall HRC were 3rd.

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The final positions are the Ladies in 2nd place, the men
4th and overall HRC were 4th with 29pts, behind North Herts RR 44pts, Fairlands
Valley Spartans 33pts, Bishop’s Stortford RC 32pts and ahead of Hitchin RC 18pts
and Stevenage AC 8pts. First lady home was Sharon Wright in 97th place out of a
total of 364 finishers in a personal best time for the distance (PB) of 42min
46sec. She was followed by Paula Reynolds 113th in 43.56 (PB), Carinne Jay 129th
and 2nd Female Vet 45 in 45.05 and Faith Jackson-Lee 141st in 45.34 (PB).

Debbie Barry finished in 238th place and 1st Female Vet 55 in 50.32 and Paulene Galoppi
was 363rd and 2nd Female 65 in 65.45. In the men’s race Rob Lowe finished in
18th place in an excellent 36.51 followed by Ian Charters 39th in 38.49 (PB),
Craig Segal 41st in 38.54 (PB), Alex Smith 44th in 39.06 and Owen Haigh 47th in
39.14 (PB). Jim Bates finished in 264th place and 2nd Vet 70 in 52.40 and Peter
Mills was 326th and 3rd Vet 70 in 57.45. There were also PB runs from Martin
Westley 124th in 44.31, Steve Warren 196th in 48.25, Andrew Smith 280th in
53.39, Chris McCarthy 290th in 54.40 and Hossein Erfani 334th in 59.33.

Other runners:

148 Julia Gardiner 45.48
182 Catheridge Ridge 47.17
183 Sandi Rust 47.19
193 Vicky Steadman 48.18
217 Saira Muschamp 49.26
232 Kerry Mavris 50.05
251 Zoe Delaney 51.30
277 Wendy Schroder 53.21
279 Jane Evans 53.36
291 Janice Page 54.44
317 Karen Moir 56.32
331 Susan Maloney 59.15
347 Joy Hale 61.32
354 Carmen Byfield 63.59
357 Alison Bull 64.28
364 Terasa Holden 67.13

56 Danny McCree 39.50
66 Andy Terrell 40.12
68 Darren Tiley 40.30
74 Alan Broughton 41.02
100 Martyn Coulter 43.03
111 John Steadman 43.47
126 Jamie Jephcott 44.48
134 John Bull 45.18
137 Graham Saville 45.27
139 Andy Kitson 45.31
153 Andy Ramage 45.58
161 John Tennant 46.15
174 Roy Steven 47.00
188 Sean Flynn 47.54
202 Paul Dixon 48.35
214 Peter Ayling 49.20
221 Spencer Brooks 49.32
227 Andy Smith 49.53
272 Robin Lozeau 53.05
293 Paul Watts 54.57
294 Paul Schroder 54.57
304 Dave Page 55.58
309 Martin Elven 56.09
360 Ron Newton 65.09

Meanwhile on Sunday at the Brentwood and Essex 10K Championships Alex Smith
finished in 55th place out of 310 finishers in 39.42. He was followed by Darren
Tiley 64th in 40.42, Sharon Wright 84th in 42.34 (PB), Carinne Jay 103rd in
44.04, Jamie Jephcott 112th in 44.30, Catherine Ridge 127th in 46.10, John
Tennant 141st in 46.57, Paul Dixon 163rd in 48.18, Debbie Barry 205th and 3rd
Female Vet 55 to win the Bronze medal in her age category in 51.05 and Peter
Mills 262nd in 57.34

At the Stortford 10, a 10 mile trail run at Hatfield Forest, Brendon McClean
finished in 17th place out of 233 finishers in 1hr 10min 37sec. He was followed
by John Bull 30th in 1.15.58, Martyn Coulter 32nd in 1.16.19, Martin Westley
38th in 1.19.31, Mark Moulds 63rd in 1.23.36, Pasquale Pellecchia 99th in
1.28.25 and Jane Evans 128th in 1.34.33.
At the Stortford 5, a 5 mile run at the same venue, Louise Cootes finished in
63rd place out of 245 finishers in 44.32 and Karen Moir was 102nd in 49.15.

At the Great Newham London Run 10K Jeff Mace finished in 5067th place out of
6115 finishers in 1.13.53.

At the Bassinbourn Half Marathon in Cambridgeshire Will Wall finished in 156th
place out of 307 finishers in 1.59.34.

At the Holkham Half Ironman Triathlon in Norfolk, a 1.2 mile open water swim, 56
mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run, Nick D’Alton finished in 243rd place out of
1242 finishers in a superb 5hrs 24min 45sec, a PB by over 8 min. At their debut
at the distance, Ben Usher was 393rd in 5.41.46, Paul Schroder 665th in 6.06.50
and Kerry Mavris 963rd in 6.45.02. Holly Nairn was 1052nd in 7.00.12.

On Saturday at the Holkham 10K Wendy Schroder finished in 173rd place out of 541
finishers in 53.22 and Paul Schroder was 174th in 53.25.

At the Orion Forest 5, an undulating 5 mile trail run through Epping Forest,
Martyn Coulter finished in 26th place out of 141 finishers in 34.29 (PB), Debbie
Barry 80th and 1st Female Vet 55 in 42.05, Louise Cootes 89th in 43.22 (PB) and
Austin Nyamande 124th in 49.06.

At Harlow parkrun 5K Danny McCree finished in 2nd place out of 157 finishers in
19.24. He was followed home by Andy Terrell 4th in 20.37, Sam Carter 13th in
21.55, Terry Ridge 16th in 22.20, John Bull 22nd in 22.46, Graham Saville 30th
in 23.19, Spencer Brooks 31st in 23.20, Robin Lozeau 41st in 25.21, Catherine
Ridge 46th in 25.31, Andrew Smith 51st in 26.02, Martin Elven 52nd in 26.17 and
Alan Wellbelove 102nd in 32.10.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Ian Charters finished in 4th place out of 216
finishers in 18.07 (PB) and not far behind was Barry Mooney 10th in 18.28 (PB).

At Hatfield Forest parkrun Alan Broughton finished in 6th place out of 207
finishers in 19.47 and Jason Haigh was 30th in 22.31.

At the Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Forest Jamie Jephcott finished in 9th place
out of 146 finishers in 20.42.

At the Cheam parkrun in Greater London Andy Smith finished in 113rd place out of
558 finishers in 22.53.

At Fareham parkrun in Hampshire David Morley finished in 44th place out of 238
finishers in 24.53 (PB).

At the Penrith parkrun in Cumbria Jim Bates finished in 67th place out of 191
finishers in 25.32.

At the Holkham parkrun in Norfolk Kerry Mavris finished in 51st place out of 188
finishers in 25.38 and Louise Kedge was 65th in 26.11.

At the Horton Park parkrun in Bradford Pushpa Mistry finished in 27th place out
of 49 finishers in 30.43.

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