Travellers move on from Third Avenue

News / Thu 14th Sep 2017 at 12:00pm

Trav Sept

TRAVELLERS have moved on from Third Avenue in Harlow.

The travellers moved on in contravention of an injunction on Wednesday afternoon.

Following a planned visit this morning (14 September 2017) by the Council’s Community Safety Team and Essex Police the three caravans and vehicles on Third Avenue left the site and have left Harlow.

The vehicles first arrived in Harlow at around 3pm yesterday (13 September 2017). The persons involved in the encampment are not named on Harlow’s injunction order but were on land which is covered by the injunction. The group were made aware of the injunction and its contents yesterday. They were told that the process of enforcing the injunction would begin today unless they moved.

This is the first time the town-wide injunction, which was extended in June for three years, has been tested.

Breaching the injunction is a serious offence and could lead to a custodial sentence. There is a process the Council has to follow before it can started enforcement proceedings. However, the injunction has once again proved to be a deterrent that quickly resolves any issues on the land it covers and usually within 24 hours.

The injunction is about upholding the law, responding and listening to the concerns of residents and businesses, and protecting the town’s green open spaces and business areas. It is not – and never has been – about persecuting any particular group of people or their way of life.

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