Harlow residents can get help to prevent flooding happening again

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HARLOW residents who have suffered the heartbreak of a flooded home can now apply for extra funding to help prevent it happening again.

Essex County Council has received a £100,000 boost from the Environment Agency to protect Essex homes from flooding. This is in addition to £145,000 already in the pot, bringing the total now available to £245,000.

The council’s Essex Flood and Water Management team has run the Property Level Protection (PLP) scheme successfully since 2015. This scheme offers a £5,000 grant to homeowners whose homes have flooded previously, with the money tailored to individual homes to make them more resilient to flooding.

Successful applicants have their properties surveyed and receive a consultation with the flood product suppliers. They recommend necessary products such as waterproof airbricks, flood doors, flood barriers, waterproof brickwork liner, pumps and more. If the cost is in excess of £5,000 the homeowner is asked to contribute.

Cllr Mike Steptoe, Essex County Council’s Deputy Cabinet Member for Environment and Waste, said: “Seeing your beloved home and possessions knee deep in flood water must be absolutely devastating but sometimes just a few preventative measures can help avoid that heartbreak.

“So I am delighted to receive this extra funding from the Environment Agency as I know it will be put to very good use and we can make sure that our residents can stay safe with the best protection possible.”

In the last financial year (2016/17) the scheme protected 71 homes from flooding. This year (2017/18) it’s expected to provide protection for at least another 100 homes

As well as the £100,000 from the Environment Agency, the scheme has already received £145,000 of external funding, given to us last year (2016/17) from the Environment Agency and Anglian Water, and is expected to secure a further £100,000 from the Environment Agency later this year.

This scheme is a practical solution to flooding that benefits residents across the county in both urban and rural areas. This is because, unlike large scale flood prevention schemes, it’s cost-effective where only single properties have been flooded.

Residents who have suffered internal property flooding and have not since protected their homes can visit our website – http://flood.essex.gov.uk/get-a-flood-grant/property-level-protection-grant-for-homes/apply-for-a-plp-grant/, watch our video – https://youtu.be/hmjUN_psN2w – or call 0844 798 1261 to find out more about grants available.


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