Letter to Editor: Labour candidate is committed to fight education cuts

News / Mon 25th Sep 2017 at 03:32pm

Stefan Mullard


IN a recent article published on YourHarlow, the actions of the Labour Party’s candidate in this Thursday’s Toddbrook by-election, Tony Edwards, were brought into question. I would like to take a moment to set the record straight about what happened at the hustings event and make a few further comments.

I was at the hustings event. I have a clear recollection of it. It’s still published on the YourHarlow website for anyone who has the time to watch it. Did Mr Edwards become impassioned and take the opportunity to hold his MP to account? Yes. Did the Chair have to bring the meeting back into order? Yes. Was the behaviour anywhere near as bad as that exhibited every Wednesday in the House of Commons? Absolutely not.

In the meeting, Mr Edwards specifically challenged Mr Halfon about education funding and school budgets. Mr Halfon said the budgets were fully protected when he knew – and the Government has since effectively admitted – that the funds are not there to cover increased costs and the effect of Government policies.

These include plans not to increase funding per pupil in line with inflation and not to fund the employers’ increase in National Insurance contributions. To give an example of what this means in practice, Abbotsweld Primary school is facing a short fall in funding of £91,780 or £288 per pupil by 2021*.

I constantly hear people say they want politicians to be normal people. That was exactly what Mr Edwards was doing. Being normal. At the hustings he held Mr Halfon to account for actions which will affect the people of Harlow, and in particular our young people. His actions were not disregarding of democratic functions. They were what people should be looking for in their elected representatives – someone who stands by his convictions and challenges the people who have power.

Cllr Stefan Mullard

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2017-09-30 12:22:39

Before the labour, Harlow administration party councillors and candidates even think about fighting against the cuts in education, most of them need a little bit of educating on how give and accept respect from people around them.

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