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Passmores Swiss 1BY Passmores Academy staff

AT the beginning of September, two representatives from the Passmores Student Pedagogy Team, travelled to Switzerland to speak about our role in improving teaching and learning in our school.

Through the conference, we learnt about the teachers’ world, especially while listening to the perspectives on learning from other presentations. Although we felt anxious about sharing our ideas, when we eventually presented it became much easier and more enjoyable to do so. Also, we realised that the audience was made up of teachers who wanted to listen with open minds. So when it came to answering their questions, both of us were quite relaxed about answering them.

Travelling to a different country gave us an extra boost of confidence as we realised how momentous the occasion was. Seeing the beautiful mountains in Switzerland (especially Mount Rigi) and learning about the history of the towns, made us realise that as students, we have so much ahead of us and we can truly achieve anything if we put our minds to it. We are really looking forward to using our experiences to improve the Student Pedagogy Team this year.

The Student Pedagogy Team (StuPeds) is a group of students from across all year groups who work alongside our teachers to improve learning, to improve what is happening in our classrooms; we have had this group for five years. We do various activities that nurture a meaningful relationship with the teachers, including observing or teaching lessons, followed by one-to-one dialogue sessions to talk about what we saw or what we did.

For example, lesson observation sessions are lessons where two or three StuPed members go into a lesson to observe and then fill out a feedback form (that was created by us) which will help us with the feedback session with the teacher. We have also attended Professional Learning which is aimed at teachers. One activity involved a two minute ‘speed feedback‘, where teachers and StuPeds were sitting in a circle and had around two minutes to discuss the teachers’ lesson ideas and ways in which they can improve.

This year we are going to make sure that everyone in the team is working with a specific subject, ensuring that we develop as a strong, tight-knit group of student leaders. To help with this, we have been nominated as the two student leaders so we will lead the group and make it more of an independent student team. We can’t wait to get started!

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