Jayde Adams: 10/10 for 31

Entertainment / Sun 8th Oct 2017 at 01:14pm

Jayde Adams

THIS is the second time this reviewer has seen Jayde Adams in a couple of months.

In August, I saw her at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. On that occasion, I enjoyed the show but it didn’t grab me. Make no mistake, it was excellent, very funny and professional. Maybe it was because it was my fifth show in nine hours!

On Saturday night and well rested, I went to see Jayde’s show 31 in Theatre 2 at the Harlow Playhouse.

From the off, Jayde engages the audience in a very relaxed fashion but at the same time, gets you on her side. A couple of “Where are you froms?” and she also selects ‘Martin from Oxford” to honk a horn when he thinks she has stepped over the line.

This show centres on a number of themes: Adele, Jenna Adams, school, dance and her mother. There is quite a lot more and the more you think about it, the more you realise how much she packs into an hour.

By her own admission, her school years have formed her comedy: “That’s why I am here and you are there”. There are a number of references to her popular sister and living in her shadow. But as the show reveals, there is a tragic end to her sister’s life. It is a credit to Jayde that she manages to weave it into the narrative with it feeling natural not intrusive.

Jayde’s Adele obsession is hilarious and her story of her walking away from the BBC show in one validates what she is setting out to achieve but also fits into the narrative of her show.

The show was greatly aided by three members of the audience: Joe, whoo helped her in stage with the “losing virginity” scene; his friend who came out with a lightning quip.

Jayde: When did you lose your virginity Joe?
Friend in audience: Just now…..

There was also the lady who, half way through show, left, apologising that she suddenly realised she was in the wrong show. Funny thing was, the only other show on in the main theatre was…Des O’ Connor!

The finale gives Jayde an opportunity to show you that she can sing and boy, can she sing! Her piece from Madam Butterfly was simply exquisite and showed what a talent Jayde is.

Jayde Adams has come a long way in the last few years but now the challenge may be, like Adele and the difficult third album, for Jayde to move away from the themes that have inhabited her two shows that this reviewer has seen. It is clear that she is easily caps-be of doing that. Jayde has the writing talent, the comedic ability but also the ability to produce a show with enough visuals to indicate that this is an artist who can take the next step up.

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