Stewards Academy host hard-hitting “Chelsea’s Choice”

Education: Secondary / Thu 19th Oct 2017 at 06:33pm

Chelseas Choice

STEWARDS Academy recently hosted a production funded by the Essex County Council Youth Strategy Group called ‘Chelsea’s Choice’ for all of the pupils in Year 10.

The production was performed by Alter Ego Creative Solutions and focused on Child Sexual Exploitation. This issue was highlighted in a recent survey of 10,000 across the county.

The production was extremely powerful for all of the pupils; they all engaged with the material and had a lot of mature responses and questions following the performance.

Deputy Headteacher Marie Erwood, who has been in charge of Safeguarding at Stewards for over 30 years, said: “Child sexual exploitation is an ever increasing threat in our digital age, and performances such as this really hit home the message that no child, male or female, should ever be coerced into behaving in a sexually inappropriate manner. Vulnerable children can be groomed online or in person by people who pretend to care about them, but who have the sole purpose of exploiting young people for sex. A live dramatic performance such as this makes the issue very real for our pupils at Stewards, as they can identify with the characters that the young actors play. And hopefully as a consequence of this performance all of our young people will feel more confident to stay safe.”

One student who watched the performance said: “I found the performance really powerful, particularly as it was based on a true story. It is scary to think how easily something like that could happen. It has made me think.”

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