St Mark’s Head delighted at Ofsted report

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THE HEADTEACHER at St Mark’s school has told parents of her delight at the results of a recent Ofsted inspection.

The government inspectors came to the school in October. The report was released on Monday November 6th.

Mrs Heaphy said: As you will know, on Thursday 5th October 2017, Ofsted carried out a Section 8 inspection of our school. A Section 8 inspection is carried out for those schools who were previously judged to be ‘good’. It takes place to confirm that the school is carrying out the work to a good standard. At the end of the process, assuming that the school is still good, a letter, not a report, is written to confirm this fact.

I am delighted to inform you that the Ofsted team has yet again judged that St Mark’s is a good school.

I am pleased that the strengths of the school and the progress that we have been making throughout the year to ensure that every pupil has the opportunity and support to achieve their potential has been recognised by the Ofsted inspectors. Below I have noted just a sample of the comments from the report to give you a flavour of the overall letter.

Good achievement – ‘Almost all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged and the most vulnerable, make good progress and move successfully to the next stage of their education or employment.’ (Page 1)

Good teaching – ‘There is a purposeful, productive and industrious atmosphere in all lessons. Pupils work diligently and with enthusiasm. Teachers consistently create and sustain constructive, trusting relationships. One pupil reflected: ‘It is the people who really make St Mark’s such a great place!’ Pupils are happy to contribute to lessons and they ask and answer questions articulately.’ (Page 2)

Good leadership and management – ‘School leaders have successfully prioritised the welfare and personal development of pupils. All pupils receive very strong levels of support, guidance and care and they feel highly valued as a result. Pupils are very proud of their school and clearly enjoy it.’ (Page 1)

Outstanding behaviour and safety – Pupils ‘attend regularly and behave exceptionally well. They are polite and courteous to adults and each other. They move around the site in a calm and orderly way and look after their facilities carefully.’ (Page 1). ‘Pupils speak with confidence about the ways in which the school makes them feel safe.’ (Page 2)

Sixth Form – In 2017, key stage 5 attainment improved. The school’s own performance information shows that students currently in the sixth form are now making the progress they should. Evidence from this inspection supports the contention that … outcomes are strengthening…’ (Page 4)

In addition, the ‘verbal feedback’ from the inspectors was especially positive, and they rightly commented on the exceptional behaviour, conduct and maturity of the whole student body.

Thank you for your continued support, I know that all our pupils, parents, staff and governors share a commitment to ensuring that St Mark’s moves to an outstanding judgement as soon as possible.

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