Harlow Library is for sale: Why does nobody want to talk about it?

Education: Secondary / Tue 7th Nov 2017 at 08:55am


A FEW weeks ago, we ran a story with the headline “Harlow Library” is for sale. We are used to running libraries in crisis. libraries for sale stories. These days, it comes with the territory. However, we have been a little bit surprised with the radio silence. Our experience, in other areas, is that before you can say Dewey Decimal, people and politicians are campaigning to prevent its closure.

We understand that there are a number of options on the table. We understand that the library is considered too big these days. Some have joked that like the pub with n o beer it has become the library with no books. However, it may be like a lot of the town centre and is simply a sixties round for a twenty-first century square hole.

Essex County councillor, Mike Hardware has told us that nothing has been decided yet. However, it has been decided to put it up for sale.

We just thought it would be the type of issue that Harlow Labour would have been all over and as they haven’t it begs a question whether sometimes, for all the Labour doorstep stuff, Harlow Labour are sometimes way way off the pace. They have hardly been beating down our door when we revealed that Harlow had “one deployable police officer” for 80,000 people.

Having said all that, perhaps the library is the architect of its own downfall. Event after event is held which we don’t hear of. Oh, sorry, ended a sentence with a preposition. We learnt that back in 1980, revising in…Harlow library….


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tony edwards
2017-11-14 09:31:04

Michael Your article is misleading as ECC are not intending to sell the library with a view to closing it. Rather they are seeking expressions of interest to "identify occupiers interested in working with Essex County Council to create a new retail unit, and enable investment in the existing library". I suggest you look at the details published by the Marketing Agent Lambert Smith Hampton. Nevertheless, we will all need to keep a close eye on how the proposals develop. Tony Edwards

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