Romford artist brightens Harlow with his Christmas paintings

Lifestyle / Sat 9th Dec 2017 at 09:58am

By George Docking


A ROMFORD ARTIST has painted a festive themed illustration on the windows of The Clock House pub in Harlow for the Christmas period.

Kat Ball Deputy Manager of the pub said, ‘A lot of people have come in since they’ve seen the paintings.’

Paul Young, 46 has been a professional artist for the last 24 years. He creates an eclectic mix of work, from public exhibits such as advertising and chalkboards in pubs to residential style art such as murals in people’s homes.

Paul explains the most fulfilling part of the job is, ‘Anything that’s going to get seen and give people enjoyment!’ Art in public places has the power to make a difference, Paul says, ‘My art can benefit a number of things, the visual aspects cheer people up and brighten the surroundings and hopefully get other local artists involved in community endeavours.’

Despite the positive influence Paul’s art can have on the public there is always criticism, he explains, ‘Sadly there has to be a cost somewhere along the line and people often see money spent on art as a waste, and that it should be put to better use.’

The Clock House often hires Paul to decorate the chalkboards and menus in the pub. Paul commented, ‘My work is all word of mouth. I just fell into my profession by accident, I made a blackboard for one pub, then it just snowballed from there.’

However, art has played a massive part in the Romford artist’s life, ‘Ever since I was little, my parents would put a crayon or a pen in front of me and it kept me entertained, art is just something I’ve always done.’

Paul shared some words of advice for young artists, ‘If you have the ability and the craving then create, stick with it and don’t let anyone discourage you by saying it’s not a proper job’.

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