A beloved pony at Pets Corner enjoyed his annual Christmas Party

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A loved pony at Pets Corner in Harlow enjoyed his annual Christmas Party

Joy Burles, an 86 year old woman from Sawbridgeworth, has been a volunteer at the centre for nearly 30 years. She met Boo Boo and his mother when he was a week old and the two have formed an amazing friendship. Every week Joy travels by bus from her house in Sawbridgeworth where she has lived all her life to help care for Boo Boo. She feeds and grooms him and then eats her packed lunch in his stable and shares her news. Boo Boo repays her devotion by answering her call and joining in games with toys she has bought him.

Every Christmas Joys throws a Christmas party for the lucky pony. The day starts with making a special cake of hay, carrots and apple in a festive tin. Before it is taken to the stable Boo puts on his festive hat which Joy, who is a qualified seamstress, has made for him. There is plenty of cake for everyone and after Boo Boo has had the first slice he shares it with neighbouring goats, donkeys and llamas.

Pauline Neate, an animal care education officer, said ‘we all love Joy and it is incredible she is still volunteering after all these years. We are her family and the special relationship between her and Boo Boo is wonderful to watch. We are all involved in the celebrations as she brings mince pies for the staff’

Boo Boo also has a birthday party in June when he will be 26. Justin Hopwood, manager, also welcomes the celebrations and says the dates are put in the calendar well in advance.

Visitors are welcome to visit Boo Boo and the other animals throughout the winter.

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