Passmores wins commendation four years in a row.

Education: Secondary / Wed 10th Jan 2018 at 05:16pm

Passmores wins commendation four years in a row.

IN recognition of its commitment to tackle and prevent bullying in school, Passmores has achieved the BIG Award (Bullying Intervention Group) for the fourth consecutive year. This is a national award for excellence in bullying intervention and is endorsed by national awarding organisation, NCFE.

Val McFarlane, Director of BIG Award Training and Resources said, ‘I am delighted that Passmores has continued their good practice and has been consistent in their approach to bullying and friendship issues, which occur in every school or organisation. Congratulations to staff, students and parents for excellence in challenging bullying’.

Notably, Passmores is the first school in Harlow to receive this accolade, which was awarded after they demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that students learn in a positive and inclusive environment. Roxy Ahmad, Specialist Support Co-ordinator at Passmores, explained that to achieve the award, evidence must be provided which proves that effective strategies for challenging bullying are in place. These include showing that staff and student prefects are well trained in ensuring the safety and good behaviour of all students. In addition, there must also be an up-to-date, robust anti-bullying policy in place. Passmores was also praised for its approach which includes students’ families in its anti-bullying work and for the work of peer mentors. The mentors have been specially trained in active listening skills and act as a first point of contact for anyone who wishes to discuss issues with their peer group, before taking any serious concerns to an appropriate adult.

Passmores Principal, Vic Goddard said, ‘As a dad I know how upsetting the thought of my child being bullied is. As a teacher I know that in a building with almost 1200 young people in, there are going to be times when not everyone gets on. Striving to achieve the BIG Award means that we review our systems and processes thoroughly to try and ensure that we are doing all that we can to prevent, avoid and stop bullying happening. Bullying is such an emotive issue and, as parents, we naturally see things through our own child’s eyes and it can cause real tension. However, by achieving the BIG Award we are clearly demonstrating that we take these situations seriously and are learning from the best practice out there so we can continue to live up to our school motto of ‘improving upon our best’.’

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