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Lifestyle / Sat 13th Jan 2018 at 11:58am

THOUSANDS of people will be invited to have their say on life in Essex as part of a large-scale social research project.

BMG Research, an independent research and analysis company, sent the annual satisfaction survey to 23,000 Essex households this week.

Cllr David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council, said: “We want to improve our services, but to do that we need your help. The annual residents’ survey aims to find out what people think of life in Essex and the services we provide, and what issues need tackling.

“We have an annual budget of £1.8 billion but with falling central government funds putting pressure on our already stretched resources, it is vital we take stock and spend our resources where it matters most to people.

“Residents feedback will help our decision making, inform what services we provide in the future and how best we can deliver them.”

Households were selected randomly, with an equal number selected from each of the 12 local authority districts to ensure the feedback is representative of the Essex population.

Residents have until Friday, 26 January, to complete the survey which covers a wide range of service provision, from household waste and recycling centres, libraries and parks, to highways and transport, community safety and health.

Cllr Finch added: “If you have received a survey, I would urge you to complete it and return it ASAP. This is a vital piece of research that will shape Essex County Council’s priorities of the future.”

Surveys can be completed online via the web link in the accompanying letter, or can be returned in the Freepost envelope provided.

Anyone who needs help completing it should contact BMG Research’s confidential freephone helpline on 0800 358 0337 between 9am and 5pm or email [email protected]

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2 Comments for Have your say on life in Harlow:

2018-01-13 13:50:34

Anyone noticed the increased activity by motorbike hoodie gangs that have take control of our cycle tracks, shopping precincts and pavements? All part of "The Demise" I suppose. I mean , what's one solitary police officer supposed to do...Or is it legal now; may as well be.

2018-01-14 11:32:57

We are always seeing motor cross bikes and mopeds flying up and down the roads and through the parks! Usually young kids riding them with no crash helmets. One night we were almost run down whilst walking the baby in his buggy through the park (they had no lights on). Despite repeated calls to 101 and providing the police with at least one registration it seems like nothing has been done about these issues.

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