Harlow Tories slam UKIP over call for Little Parndon by-election

News / Mon 22nd Jan 2018 at 01:56pm

HARLOW Conservative Group today criticised UKIP for calling an unnecessary by election and wasting Council taxpayers cash.

Harlow UKIP today announced that they had called for a by election in Hare Street and Little Parndon following the resignation of Jon Clempner.

Harlow Conservative Leader Cllr Andrew Johnson said, “Holding a by election in March instead of waiting just two months till the rest of the elections in May is just unnecessarily wasteful! This just shows that UKIP have no clue and are not interested in looking out for Harlow taxpayers.”

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10 Comments for Harlow Tories slam UKIP over call for Little Parndon by-election:

2018-01-22 14:14:45

Really? What is the statutory recommendation? They forget they are here to represent the electorate not dictate to them!

2018-01-22 16:04:49

Actually Andrew needs to check his facts before he speaks. The time between Jon Clempner's resignation and the May elections is too long by law to leave Little Parndon vacant. Ideally it would have been best to leave it til May. Unfortunately that breaks the law so we in UKIP think it is best to get on with it!

tony edwards
2018-01-22 22:39:04

UKMaverick - You need to check your facts. The notice of a casual vacancy for the Little Pardon and Hare Street Ward states An election to fill the vacancy will be held within 35 days (computed in accordance with the provision of the Local Government Act 1972), following notice requesting an election being received by "the Returning Officer" from two local government electors for the Little Parndon and Hare Street Ward of the District of Harlow. So legally the by election does not have to be called and arguably holding a by election in March instead of waiting just two months till the rest of the elections in May could be seen to be a waste of both time and Council taxpayers money.

2018-01-23 01:35:49

And as I state correctly the amount of time is legally too long.

2018-01-23 01:37:24

Me thinks the Tories and Labour doth protest too much. Anyone would think neither of them had a candidate.....!

tony edwards
2018-01-23 08:33:21

If Ukip want there to be a by election - fine But don't pretend that your reason for calling one is down to electoral legalities when it isn't.

2018-01-23 21:13:18

No. It's to keep to the rules and grant the people of Little Parndon the full complement of Councillors they are entitled to expect. We asked if it could remain vacant until May and were told no! So if you don't like the rules Tony, then I suggest you try blaming the right people. It is after all a mess created by Labour. People are entitled to thing Labour would try to fix it! Clearly not!

2018-01-23 23:28:22

Voters of Little Parndon are not unrepresented, there are two others and there is an election in a few months time. Check out the law: S89 Local Government Act 1972 (3) Where a casual vacancy in any such office occurs within six months before the day on which the councillor whose office is vacant would regularly have retired, an election shall not be held under subsection (1) above unless on the occurrence of the vacancy (or in the case of a number of simultaneous vacancies, the occurrence of the vacancies) the total number of unfilled vacancies in the membership of the council exceeds one third of the whole number of members; and where an election under subsection (1) above is not held, the vacancy shall be filled at the next ordinary election.

2018-01-24 06:34:37

As a resident of little Pardon I would like to thank UKIP for putting the electorate first. I would also like to thank yourharlow for showing us the contempt the Conservatives and Labour have for the residence.

2018-01-24 10:07:32

Firstly Simon, Jon Clempner wasn't due to stand for re-election in May, Tony Durcan is, so that's a useless quote. Secondly, two Councillors when all other wards have three is clearly underrepresented in anyone's language. Thirdly, Jon Clempner's twitter feed clearly shows he was intending to wait til 13th March so the by election could have then been May, but that wasn't soon enough! I have to say they doth protest too much!!!

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